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Community Impact

MIHOW Goes to Prison

man in cuffs

Once a month, an outreach worker at New River MIHOW in West Virginia facilitates a men's group at a local federal prison. About 15 men attend the group each month - dads volunteering to come figure out how to build relationships with their children on the outside.

While being incarcerated makes parenting challenging, these parents are enthusiastic about reaching out to their children and forming relationships. Each group session focuses on an aspect of forming strong relationships - developing trust, establishing mutual respect, working with a child's mother in an effective way, etc. The outreach worker encourages the men to focus on how they can make a difference in their children's lives, helping them to recognize progress, process feelings, and identify their strengths.


 MIHOW Goes to High School

teen mom and baby

The MIHOW Team at Vanderbilt attended teen parenting groups at five high schools in Metro Nashville in September. We played games and talked to 32 pregnant and/or parenting teens (26 moms and 6 dads) about how their interactions with their children build strong brains and help their children arrive at kindergarten ready to learn. The parents were engaged and enjoyed showing pictures of their babies and picking out books to add to their child's home library.