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How to Start a MIHOW Program

1.  Complete Readiness Tool

The first step to establishing a MIHOW program at your agency is to complete the below tool.  This Readiness Tool ensures that agencies meet the criteria which generally provide a good “home” for a MIHOW program.

Does the sponsoring agency...

  1. have a positive community image, particularly with low-income women?
  2. embrace the MIHOW approach to family support?
  3. serve individuals and families similar to potential MIHOW participants?
  4. value and integrate community health workers (or peer mentors) and members of the community?
  5. have the ability to provide training and supervision to MIHOW staff following the MIHOW Standards of Practice?
  6. serve a defined geographic area that includes an adequate number of potential MIHOW participants?
  7. have the administrative capacity to provide physical space, financial support, management, and long-term sustainability?
  8. respect and serve people regardless of religious, political, racial, sexual, or ethnic affiliation?
  9. have an active Board that represents the community and supports adoption of the MIHOW program?
  10. have the capacity to hire, train, and supervise at least one part-time outreach worker and participate in national, regional, and local MIHOW trainings?

2.  Contact MIHOW Office

Review the MIHOW Standards of Practice for Sponsoring Agencies and the Site Licensing Agreement

Email the MIHOW Office to start a discussion of how the MIHOW Program could work in your community and ask any questions.

3.  Submit a Report

The report should document the criteria listed in the Readiness Tool.  Please include:

  • Description of agency’s services and programs
  • Numbers of people currently served by agency
  • Estimate of number of families to be served through the MIHOW program
  • Description of the population served/to be served
  • Description of diversity of staff and population served within the agency
  • Maternal Child Health indicators for your area
  • Examples of how you’ve already embraced the MIHOW Approach in existing services or programs.
  • Description of how MIHOW will be a logical extension of and integrated into existing programs
  • Statement that agency has reviewed the standards and agreement
  • Copy of budget and sources of funding
  • Description of  how agency will address long-term sustainability

 Include the following attachments to your report:

  • Agency Brochure / Map of program area served
  • Organizational chart / Agency’s personnel policy
  • Letter from the Board stating support for the project
  • Letters of support from other community agencies

Email the entire report to Tonya Elkins, fax it to 615-343-0325, or mail it to:

The MIHOW Program
Vanderbilt School of Nursing
1400 18th Ave. South, A-1
Nashville, TN  37212