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Vision: For every mother to have the skills, confidence and education she needs to raise and nurture healthy, happy children

Mission: To improve health and child development for low-income families.

Strategy: MIHOW trains and employs local women to mentor other women and promote healthy pregnancies, healthy children, and healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents. Through monthly home visits and parenting groups, MIHOW outreach workers respond to each family’s unique strengths and needs. Read some of MIHOW's success stories.

MIHOW home visits begin during pregnancy and continue until the child reaches age three. Each month age-appropriate objectives are covered. The MIHOW curriculum, developed specifically for lay health workers, promotes healthy habits in the areas of attachment, discipline, cognitive development, and emotional health.

MIHOW uses a strength-based approach to family support, recognizing that regardless of working or living conditions, every family, organization, and community has strengths. Helping the MIHOW staff and participants build on these strengths is the fuel that drives each MIHOW program.

Report from the Field

The Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved published an article about MIHOW's history and service to families throughout the Southeast.

Reports from the Field:  The Maternal Infant Health Outreach Worker Program in Low-income Families

August 2013